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Full Metal Chronicles

The 30th and 31st of March came the long-awaited event for all the freeski rockers. For the fifth time, Les Ménuires hosted the Full Metal Contest, the meeting of dressed up trashers orchestrated by Fabien Maierhofer and the Darker Team.

To stay on the traditional set up, the event had a derby, a freestyle contest (with dirt jumps, big air, rail and a devastating loop) and also live shows and a lot of beers.

During Friday, we noticed that the most ridden feature was definitely the beer stall. Everybody was intrigued by the looping until Flo Cuviller gave it a single try and missed it. After a pretty full day, the crowd moved to the concert hall to keep on drinking at the second beer stall. On the other side of the hall, Vera Cruz, Crucified Barbara, Kuelerton and Dog Eat Dog were playing hard. A great mix of great music that night.

Saturday quietly started – around the beer stall – before the riders hit the competition on the big air, the rails and dirt jumps from hell. A day filled by many laughs and as much sunburns. We saw three more tries in the loop, which ended with a knock out. Rock’n’roll babe!

One again, thanks a lot for inviting the Gpsy family and see you next year!

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