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Green Moss, Pine Trees & Homies

Les Vosges. That is pleasant to meet those good ol’ mountains for a little mtb photoshoot between moss and pine-trees.

Why shall we look too far away when the bike season is just started? Few kilometers from home, my homies Eliott Lapotre, Mickael Haxaire, Regis Ricard and Damien Guiot are full on! I just have to drive through Schlucht Pass to reach the dark side.

My last time at Le Valtin, we were shooting a report in Eliott’s garden. Rather to be veggies in a kitchen garden, Lapotre family watch dirt jumps grow in their yard… Youth might love playing in dirt. At that time, mechanic shovel already did the job to make those grown-up kids a better playground.

Though, today ride brings us to a few hills further, along a downhill track Régis and Damien dug. Within the spring smell undergrowth, birds songs were melting with our happy troupe laughters. Another hard day on duty.

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