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Green Moss, Pine Trees & Homies

Les Vosges. That is pleasant to meet those good ol’ mountains for a little mtb photoshoot between moss and pine-trees.

Why shall we look too far away when the bike season is just started? Few kilometers from home, my homies Eliott Lapotre, Mickael Haxaire, Regis Ricard and Damien Guiot are full on! I just have to drive through Schlucht Pass to reach the dark side.

My last time at Le Valtin, we were shooting a report in Eliott’s garden. Rather to be veggies in a kitchen garden, Lapotre family watch dirt jumps grow in their yard… Youth might love playing in dirt. At that time, mechanic shovel already did the job to make those grown-up kids a better playground.

Though, today ride brings us to a few hills further, along a downhill track Régis and Damien dug. Within the spring smell undergrowth, birds songs were melting with our happy troupe laughters. Another hard day on duty.

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The story of Four Wells and a winter…

The collaboration with Tim Pierce and the Wells brothers during last winter was pretty much successful. The documentary made of the Winter of Wells saga – which is telling the adventures of Jossi, Byron & Bros – was released last autumn. Likely, few magazines were keen to get photos of the making of.

The opportunity for me to share a bunch of photos made during this winter I spent down under, in the mountains of New Zealand. A lot of good memories that I’m hurry to refresh in few months.

Until I return to Middle Earth, let’s cross the pages of Skieur Mag, Skiing and 4Skiers again.

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We’re not Gpsy by chance

After four years getting the first place, my brother-in-arms ended second during the fifth opus of Urban Plagne. This year, the video contest based on street skiing and snowboarding took a cinematic turn, bringing more importance to the scenario in the competition. We are not going to start talking about judging or how legitimate the ranking is, neither start moaning and groaning about it. There’s no point.

The facts are : twelve spots rode in four days, street riding “Gpsy Feelin way” and a philosophic and poetic movie about chance.

I invite you to take ten minutes and watch it here

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L.A. Sessions Final Act

This winter was the last opus of a saga that last for five years in Les Arcs.

The L.A. Session offered its last show in Les Arcs 1800 in front of a delighted crowd watching young stuntmen riding the usual perfect jump. Screaming louder after each back flip.

The list of stuntmen was a heavy one for this very last L.A. More than the french star system riders like Julien and Théo Lange, Flo Bastien, P-A Chedal, Lolo Favre and co, we had special guests Phil Casabon and Henrik Harlaut (who won btw!)

Long story short, some great riders at the start gate and a nice group of friends were there to celebrate the final act.

But do not doubt that Romain Grojean didn’t let the L.A. Session down without a little surprise in his mind for next season.

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FrostGun Blast

I had to wait 17th of february to finally go out to shoot my first freeski competition. The Frostgun Invitational gathered the finest of the freestyle scene on the biggest european jump built especially for the occasion.

Misfortune hit us during those few days in Val Thorens. The first sessions were actually crash test parties, the jump went from 31 meters to 25, forcast gets wild and the schedule went tight that we only had the last day to enjoy the spot.

But the most important, this day was finally a pretty good one. The comp went like a Dragon Ball tournament, riders were fighting two by two. Kai Mahler (1) and Rico Schuler (2), two little 16 years old swiss fellows fought for the 20.000€. Russ Henshaw (3) and Henrik Harlaut (4), the two freestyle technicians now out of teenage hood were right behind them fighting hard as well.

A great day tough, with good friends, loud laughs and heavy tricks!

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Business Business !!

After several years working on editorial with french and international outdoor press, the last year divided between reports and personal artsy projects overseas, time was to refocus a little bit more on business.

Within the last month I took some time to prepare my 2012 marketing tools. I had my deadline drawn with the Ispo, the main winter/outdoor sports trade fair in Munich.

I started by listing the tool I might use to create an attractive and consistent visual context.

As I previously said, the website was updated, business cards were refreshed, a clear and illustrated newsletter was lauched and a bunch of brochures are ready to be spread during the fair. I also print a portfolio. Regarding the result I more than happy I’ve done this. It’s impressive how the pictures look better printed than on a screen!

Anyway, I’m ready to go and hurry to see how effective these new tools will be!

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Back to the Office!

A quick breath between my return home and all the Christmas craziness, and I was already gone again, driving toward Val d’Isère to shoot the brand new 2013 Degré7 collection within it’s natural environment : snow!

Easy mission, thanks to the massive dump during Christmas holidays which covered Tarentaise with shitload of our precious white gold! All pleasure was for us of course.

The team was already in the starting-block. Chloé Laget, Nico Boidevezi, Lénaïc Léard, Hervé Gouy and Marie-Charlotte Tissot were ready to rock every square centimeter of powder. On the other hand we had a groovy production unit, composed by my geeky photographer friend Andy Parant, Yves Thollon playing with the motion pictures and of course, your humble servant.

Our little crew went to cruise the slopes of Espace Killy (Tignes-Vald’Isère), looking for fresh snow, free from tracks. After three days, it became quite harder to find it but with little walks and climbs, it was still doable.

We completed the shooting by a bit of lifestyle and the job was done. It was nice to see everybody happy to ride together. The teamwork with Andy was great fun and efficient, let’s do it again next year.

You will find these photos and Andy’s with the new 2013 Degré7 winter collection.

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