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Back to the Office!

A quick breath between my return home and all the Christmas craziness, and I was already gone again, driving toward Val d’Isère to shoot the brand new 2013 Degré7 collection within it’s natural environment : snow!

Easy mission, thanks to the massive dump during Christmas holidays which covered Tarentaise with shitload of our precious white gold! All pleasure was for us of course.

The team was already in the starting-block. Chloé Laget, Nico Boidevezi, Lénaïc Léard, Hervé Gouy and Marie-Charlotte Tissot were ready to rock every square centimeter of powder. On the other hand we had a groovy production unit, composed by my geeky photographer friend Andy Parant, Yves Thollon playing with the motion pictures and of course, your humble servant.

Our little crew went to cruise the slopes of Espace Killy (Tignes-Vald’Isère), looking for fresh snow, free from tracks. After three days, it became quite harder to find it but with little walks and climbs, it was still doable.

We completed the shooting by a bit of lifestyle and the job was done. It was nice to see everybody happy to ride together. The teamwork with Andy was great fun and efficient, let’s do it again next year.

You will find these photos and Andy’s with the new 2013 Degré7 winter collection.

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