Finally Multilingual

…And Happy New Year!

We are still in January. Somehow I guess I can still send my best wishes to everybody. Let 2012 be a rich and prosperous year for you all!

I know it comes a little bit on the late, but I have a very serious excuse. This early january was the right time to readjust and refresh my marketing tools.

Business cards with a faded address, a stagnant pictures website and worst of all, an unreadable french bog roll were enough reasons to start working on this.

I took my mission seriously and started to update the whole kit and caboodle.

Coming along the new business cards and the revisited website, I worked at a printed portfolio, to help to introduce my work during shows like the upcoming Ispo in Munich.

I also launched a newsletter to keep in touch with everybody and remind my customers I’m still alive and also show on which exiting new project I’m dedicated.

I’m glad it’s over by now. Knowing I can let myself drawn into winter and focus photography again.

In the meantime to get some fresh news from the cold, I invite you to enjoy my new portfolios at



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